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The Foundation intends to establish a museum displaying:

  • An 18th century residence in all its former glory.

    The qaat and the iwan, two faithfully restored historic rooms of great artistic merit, will above all provide visitors with an insight into the ways in which the levantine house has changed between the 17th century and the 20th century.

  • A museum which traces the history of Sa´da and everyday life through the centuries.

    As the first museum of its kind in Lebanon, its interests will lie with the urban and ethnographic as well as the economic and socio-political history of this culturally endowed city. It will thus aim to continually rekindle visitorsĺ interest in Sa´da by giving everyone an opportunity to live out their own history against the changing backdrop of the town itself.

  • A centre for documentation and cultural activity.

    The future Sa´da History Museum is planned as a lively, interactive venue. Special exhibitions, a documentation centre and regular events will help to make it a a place where people meet and exchange ideas.