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Will you carry out the restoration in keeping with the age of the building?

The worth of an ancient monument is determined by the way in which it reveals traces of the ravages of time.

What are your plans for the “historical” floor?

We are thinking of displaying period furniture, pictures and artifacts. For the visitor who is seeking straightforward contact with art and history, this floor will establish close and direct links between history, art and architecture. Moreover, the exhibitions will help to deepen understanding and provide the answer to more technical and specific queries.

What is the aim of the Foundation?

The family has established this Foundation and donated the palace and its service quarters in order to pass on to future generations a well-preserved heritage and a history which young people will learn more about.

How does a not-for-profit Foundation work?

In accordance with its statutes and the wishes of the family, the Foundation will take responsibility for the management of the museum, the development of its activities and control of the funds required for its smooth running. The Foundation will use surplus funds to aid those in need in the town of Saïda.

Who will be funding the project?

The family has donated the palace and its service quarters to the Foundation which has undertaken the start of restoration work and development of a scientific research programme. Subsequently the Foundation intends to organise an appeal for funds.

How will you evaluate your programme?

A complete set of documentation is being prepared to answer questions from patrons interested in contributing to the project funding.

How can a student be of assistance?

Help is welcome from all sources: you can participate in scientific research, act as a guide in your free time, help at our cultural events …There is plenty to do. Do contact us.

Would you be interested in gifts of ethnic artifacts?

The museum will be describing local customs and ethnic artifacts as well as period tools will feature prominently.

Why a Museum of the History of the Town?

Lebanon is well endowed with archaeological sites and the History of the Town as such tends be forgotten. Hence future generations will have a chance to learn about the history of the city.

How many Museums of the History of the Town are there in Lebanon?

This museum will be the first of its kind in Lebanon

When will the museum open its doors?

The museum opening is planned for 2004 but you can already visit the palace.

Will there be themed temporary exhibitions?

Visitors will be able to see two types of temporary exhibitions: those which focus on a theme with exhibits of varying provenance (museums, private collections…) and internally sourced exhibitions, drawing on the museum’s own collection.

Do you plan to have a documentation centre?

The museum will also include a multimedia centre including a library and photo collection

Is it legal to copy pictures from your website?

The reproduction of text and pictures on the website is subject to prevailing copyright law. However, you have the right to print a page for your personal use.

Will there be concerts, conferences?

The Foundation intends organising cultural events and is even envisaging the possibility of hiring out the premises to those who so wish.

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